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Lockstar Locksmith Residential Services

Residential Lockstar Locksmith can send a locksmith to where you are right away & change your locks or rekey your locks almost instantly. On-the-spot service.

When the time comes to change your home or office door locks, you will want to be sure that it is appropriately done by a professional local locksmith in your area. Be safe, secure, and save money by hiring a Lockstar Locksmith to change your locks. There are so many reasons to change your locks, the number one being your security and, of course, and safety of loved ones. So, for your own protection and peace of mind, call Lockstar Locksmith now. We will have your locks quickly changed or rekeyed almost instantly, call Lockstar Locksmith. Magnetized/electronic locks might require that we order specific replacement parts to complete your job requirements.

Our trained locksmiths are going to provide service with a smile. We can make recommendations on ways to keep your home locked up tighter, and can even help 24 hours a day if you are ever locked out of your home.


Lockstar Locksmith Services helps protect your home with durable, modern access control and residential lock systems such as deadbolts, doorknobs, smart locks, and door jamb reinforcers.  Our family-owned business locksmiths are trained, We even install control systems, smart lock installations, and digital door locks.

Florida & Georgia have a wide variety of home security hardware, from the standard deadbolt locks and Schlage locks to high-security locks and electronic card readers. We stock new hardware and accessories, as well as replacement parts, that let us quickly rekey locks, repair or replace damaged locks, or install all-new systems when it’s time for an upgrade.

Orlando Commercial Locksmith Services

Lockstar Locksmith also re-key locks. Re-keying is changing the internal mechanism in the lock so that it requires a new key to open it. This is needed when you lose a key and are afraid that someone may gain unauthorized access to your home. Other times you might want to re-key are when going through a divorce, if a family member has loaned keys out, or if you are moving into a previously owned home. The locksmith customers in Florida & Georgia trust Lockstar, we are equipped to handle the job. Call us today at (407) 720-4838. Our technicians cover anywhere in Orlando and 20 miles around the areas.

Lockstar offers some of the most affordable prices for residential lockout services in the area. If you do need a to unlock a door, call us. Call around to compare some prices if you want. You will find we have got your back when it comes to opening doors and saving you some money here in the area.

Oh no! You are locked out of your house, apartment, or bedroom. Lockstar is an original ‘Money Saving’ locksmith service in Orlando. Started in 2012, we saw a need for an affordable & professional, apartment, or house door unlocking service in Orlando Florida. We are quickly growing to be a leading door unlocking service in Orlando Florida. Lockstar will provide free door unlocking if an animal or a small child is locked inside a room.

homeowners who need new or duplicate keys replacement hardware for your homes, lock rekeying, help to get a frozen lock unjammed, or assistance with extracting a broken key out of your lock. Our mobile van is available for home service seven days a week, and we can get to your place fast for emergency pop-a-lock or door unlock service when you’re locked out of your house. We can replace, repair or rekey all the locks in your home after a break-in, or after someone in the household loses their keys and can’t get them back.

We can work on almost any kind of lock your home is likely to have. We install, repair, and maintain doorknobs, both interior, and exterior; deadbolts; analog and digital access systems, electronic systems, and gate locks, both mechanical and digital. We can rekey the locks in your house to all work for the same key, or we can cut you a new key for each lock that we change. We can also help you bring your backyard up to Life Safety codes with new pool gate locks and self-closing door hardware, which helps keep the pool and patio areas safe for kids and pets. Call Lockstar today for services.